Monday, April 8, 2013

Cotton Candy Colored Cottage Re-Style

Several months ago, I had to opportunity to work with my co-worker on a "room re-style" for her office. I say re-style, but it was actually more a less a rearranging.  I thought you might enjoy seeing the results.

She has such lovely fun things to work with, that I enjoyed playing and arranging the day away.  I really loved the details on her cabinet.  Loved the carved birdies.

All of her candy colored pretties filled this cubby fast!

She has a wonderful collection of vintage things.  

Loved this sweet rug.

As well as this cozy, sun-dappled corner.  The lace lets in just the right amount of light,  perfect for curling up with a cup of tea and a good read.

No matter where your gaze in the room, always a lovely detail to look at.

Sweet basket of vintage linens.

Lots of wonderful artwork by local artists, myself included.

See that card on the left?  I created that watercolor to be used as a gift certificate for her tea room ages ago.

I loved this vintage rose oil painting.

Her home is on our city house tour this summer and we are spending the next several weeks getting her home ready.  I'm going to be re-styling some rooms and my fearless friend Sandra is adding her artist details in paint.  I'll snap some pics as we go along and show you all the wonderful details.

Till then,

PS All of this has inspired me to re work my own living room and I'll share those pics as well, later on.


  1. Really, so pretty!!! And your watercolor ~ perhaps the inspiration here? It's beautiful, Cindy. Room and painting envy...

  2. So pretty- love all the vignettes you created.

  3. OMG, you are Queen of another Kingdom! Vignettes! What fun to get to play amoung all that beautiful, luscious color! And your touch, well, it is magical! Your friend is very lucky. Magazine worthy for SURE! xoxo

  4. she has so many pretties - memories attached to many,. love Angela's piece and your painting!

    1. Thanks y'all. Its been so much fun to work in her lovely home. I've really enjoyed the process, working with my friend Sandra and being in such lovely surrounds.


  5. This room is even more fabulous in person!! Cindy you did such a good job!! It is such a dream to get to work in a house with so much inspiration and to do it with you!!!! I enjoy every minute of it!!!


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