Tuesday, March 27, 2012

spring journal page
Deciding.  Deciding whether or not I'm really happy with this page.  I'm sitting on the fence about it.  I keep adding things, in an effort to get it to "take my breath away".  Honestly, its just not happening.
Here's how it started out.  A page done with Dyan's spray inks.

But, the page was to bright.  I wanted to mute the colors down, so I tried laying down just some plain white chalk, over the dried inks.  I wiped the color into the page with a paper towel.
After choosing some of the elements that I wanted on the page, it still felt too bright.  So I grabbed my gesso.
I watered down the gesso.  Allot.  Sheesh.  Then it felt to white, so I warmed it back up with a little Distress Ink.
I layer out the elements and began to glue things down.
Dropped in some journaling at the bottom.  LOVED the quote that I found by Truman Capote.  It reads, "Aprils never ever meant much to me, autumn seems that season of beginning, spring".  It's from the movie 'Breakfast at Tiffany's'.  And since I am more more of an Autumn, rather than Spring kinda girl, and with so much brown on the page, it just seemed fitting quote to use.
But then, I move the little bird and tag elements over.  And decide to do a large hand-written word at the top.  It does not work.  Too cutesie for what feels like a more serious page.  So, I lope the entire top off.  Which changes the feel too.  I like allot of "white space" and now that's been taken away.
Some stitching, crayon scribbles, and smaller letters at the top, just feel a little better.  But do I like it?  Dunno.
A few paint splatters, some inked dots and I think I like it a little better.  Maybe.  All of the elements are vintage, except for the little bee circle.  Still sitting on the fence.  But it is funny to see how bright it started and how it ended up.

And good grief, I need to take a photo taking class.  For the love of Pete, all my pictures suck.  LOL.

Friday, March 23, 2012


my version of the smash book

Long before there were "smash" books, I started a journal that was just a catch all for pages that had a more "scrapbook" feel.  Pages that usually ended up with a dimensional element or two.  More quirky
than my art/diary journal, a little bit of everything ends up in this book (above).  
Soul Journal page detail
This is one of my favorite pages in the whole book.  For a long time I wondered what my style was, and this page pretty much defines it.  Here, I used an old watch face. I loved the way that it added just a bit of texture, to the overall page. And brought the focus in on the image underneath.
Soul journal page details
This week, I've tried to carve out a little Studio time each morning.  For me, working on a journal page is not only a nice way to "warm up" for other projects, but allows me to continue to find and define my style.  Just like practicing a piano, working on a quick project every day, makes me a better artist.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Dylusions Love

Finally felt like playing with my new "toys" this morning.  Picked up the new Dylusions inks and stencils at The Crafty Scrapper while all the Cowgirls were here (more on that later).
Fun stuff.  After watching a few of Dyan's how-to video's I just began to spray and play.  No wrong way to create here.
Easy peasy to lay down a wonderful ink base and layer/or remove with water.  Once dry, I found the page took to Prisma Pencils, Pitt pens, crayons, inks and more.  
My finished page is now ready for my journaling thoughts on getting into the garden.  Was quite happy with this page.  The flowers on the bottom right hand side began to take on a personality of their own, very Alice in Wonderland.  And the quote is one of my faces, "Show me your garden and I shall tell you what you are" - Miguel de Cervantes.  I almost did a grid, but once my journaling is filled in, it will pull all the spaces together.  
I'll save the other pages for when more inspiration strikes!
And, speaking of the garden.  Wish I had more flowers planted, as Spring has Sprung.  My Snaps were happy and bright, but the heavy rains kinda flattened em out a bit.  I hope that spring back.  

Friday, March 9, 2012

Life moves pretty fast.

Journal Page
Much to do before next Wednesday. Trying to get just a few more journal pages into my book before my class. Wax happy with the colors on this one. But still much to learn.

I still struggle with composition and balance. Dug out an old collage book on comp. Hoping it will help. And as with anything, I think practice, practice, and more practice is the key.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

 Still playing around with the sewing machine.  This little piece is on card stock, with old ledger paper that has been stenciled and then wrapped with brown wax paper.  I stitched the lady on top, and added vintage millinery and vintage lace to the bottom.

 Love, love, love sewing on paper...something about it just makes me happy!  And I'm all for being happy!