Monday, March 25, 2013

Fun Shop, Texas Pearls & Company!

Wall of Shutters
My favorite quote from the book Peter Pan is this, "It is wonderful what clever girls can do".   I love that.  Its put the focus on the positive and uses a word that we American's don't use nearly enough.  The word "clever".  

With all that being said, let me show you the shop of my friend Mandy, who is a very clever girl indeed.  

Mandy, along with her biz partner Julie, loves junk and home decor.  And paint.  And it all makes for a wonderful combination.  They put the "fun" in funky, y'all.  

Love this spiraling upwards display of vintage framed crewel work.

Old lamp shades almost look like bells, hanging in a mass.

Their favorite thing to do is to give old junk a facelift. Clever combo's of added wood bits and a fresh spot of paint can do wonders for a piece of furniture that has seen better years. And speaking of paint, they carry two wonderful lines and teach classes on how you can repaint your own vintage (or new) pieces.

Country Living Paint, as well as...

Maison Blanche.  Heck, even the cans are cute!

Cute home decor, props for weddings and showers and more, are just what you will find at Teas Pearls & Co.  Go see em at or Pearls.  And tell em, Yapping Cat sent ya.   Cause she is very clever too!

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  1. she is a clever girl/lady :)
    hope she does well


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