Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Sewing, Painting and Writin

Journal Page Invincible Summer by Cindy Mayfield
What a roller coaster ride this past month has been with the computer.  As it slowly disintegrated into no longer being able to download, upload or copy pics, I lost the ability to be a part of the blog world.  
Invincible Summer journal page by Cindy Mayfield
But funnily enough, when one time sucker closes, another one opens.  Not much computer time made time for journaling and creating.  Hmmm, image that.  And sewing.  I got a sewing machine.  I have been sewing everything, journal pages, cards, bills that need to be paid, everything.  As you can see above, it got sewn.  And yes, that is my hand-writing.
Proverbs Journal Page by Cindy Mayfield

I also got to spend several days with a couple of creative-minded friends, and that always gives me the kick in the seat to go on a crafty binge.  Sharing supplies and ideas is always a good thing.  
Happiness Journal Page by Cindy Mayfield

All of the above pages are from my Art Journal book, that I created when I had the chance to take Shelly's class last summer (with Paper Cowgirl). Shelly is so awesome and it was a real boost to my own artwork to learn how to use gesso when creating great journal pages. I had experimented some with acrylic paints, but in this class, it really gave me the chance to explore even further. 

This is my journal that I don't mind letting other people see.  Most are really collage pages with very little journaling.  Especially the last photo.  I just liked that scrap book paper and wanted to keep it.  But I did want it to look like it had been wet, molded and faded.  Ink and sand-paper helped to accomplish that.  Then I just stamped my new favorite quote on. And then hand-wrote in the authors name.  
Journal Cover by Cindy Mayfield

This journal is made from an old encyclopedia and I just gessoed the front and added my own wording. And speaking of my own text. I'll be teaching at class at Paper Cowgirl. Check out the blog, under the Creative Classes button for more details. I might give you a peek into my personal journal later this week.

Its great to be back!