Monday, April 22, 2013

A Work in Progress on a house

Week two, of my doing some paint work and re-arranging on my friend "D's" home, as she gets her house ready to be on the home tour in June.

 As I was waiting for some paint to dry, I thought I would wander around and just snap some pics of the wonderful vignettes that are in her home.

 Love this chair and the sweet hat and pillow.

This grouping of old photo's, glasses and mementos sits atop a vintage dresser, as if someone were reminiscing.  

 My friend has a fondness for all things "statue".  And she has several lovely ones in her home, but this one is my favorite.  

 I love that she is holding a bird in her hands.

 Such a whimsical shade, almost in a state of "undress".  Loads of lace and cheesecloth, with drippy crystals.  Very sweet.  

 Which leads me back to this guy.  "D" says that she bought it with all the lovely goods already tucked into the basket at his feet, she just added an old photo of her Mom.  The "ribbon" music sheet was a find elsewhere.  

Well, I hope you enjoyed my "wanderings'.  I'll post next on the room that I'm working in.  Pity I forgot to take before pics of all the painting that my friend Sandra is doing.  I think we actually made "D's" husband cry when he came home and found out we had painted several wood pieces.  :)  Till then...


  1. I did enjoy your wanderings! Love the old photos and mementos!

    1. Thanks Manuela. She has such a lovely home, so many pretty things to look at. Its been a real job to get to work there.

      I LOVE your blog btw...gorgeous.



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