Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Moving Forward

My little booth space at the Dove's Nest.  Noodle and Lou dolls add so much fun to my bright colored artwork
I love this piece that I created for a friend's nursery.
Tried to create some fun pieces to match the whimsy of Noodle and Lou's dolls.  
Quirky Santa's that I thought were odd, but everyone seemed to love.  Just shows me not to judge my own work too harshly.
One of my favorite canvases.  
Something that I actually painted just for me.  Loved this quote and loved these colors.
Learned to crochet this past year.  I am hooked, literally.
Fall colors in my little shop space.
Paper Mache' hearts
Another favorite piece, that I kept for myself
I've painted A LOT of toilet paper rolls this past year. 
One of my favorite projects this year, creating a nursery for my "grand niece".  
Mary Ann's class, Sketchbookery, got me over my fear of watercolors.
One of the first canvases. 
Stepping out of my comfort zone in 2015.
Twenty fourteen.  Oh, my.  How it flew!  

I think my little art journey had just started the Christmas before, that year.  I had an "itch to paint" canvases.  Lettering was my thing and brightly colored canvases were born.  

Somewhere along the line, I began to add more and more drawn bits.  Roses, hearts, bird's nest along with the lettering.  Taking one of Mary Ann Moss's classes helped tremendously.  (And, that class, got me over my fear of watercolor.  For 2015, I hope (at some point), to begin the 30-minute a day challenge for sketch booking.)  Bigger canvas pieces with more artwork seemed to be happening more and more.  

I begin to paint toilet paper rolls (I thought they made a cute biz card), paper mache' hearts, paper mache' numbers were another favorite.  My range of painting was growing.  By Fall, I was painting Halloween masks and Santa ornaments.  And my desire to learn more and to branch out more has grown.  

So, I've stepped out of my comfort zone and I signed up for MATS.  I'm hoping I continue to grow as an artist.  We will see where 2015 goes.