Thursday, December 15, 2011

Loved this hutch and all that was in it. 
The grass is always greener on the other side. And in my mind, the shopping is sometimes greener as well.
Great display of mirrors and old ironstone.
Take the case of Golightly's. Cute, cute, cute!
Funky vintage goods mix well with new product.
I took these on a cloudy day, so not the best pics, but as you can see, what an eye for display these gals have. As well as a great mix of vintage and new goodies.
OK, just let me move in here.  LOVED everything about this beautiful display.
Loved it all.
Lovely bits throughout the store.
If you get the chance, head over and shop and take some time out for yourself.
Yep, Fall.  I'm a bit behind.
I'm sure that their Christmas decorations are just as lovely as the Fall ones were.


Monday, December 12, 2011

*sigh* at the risk of sounding like one of those annoying people on tv, who go on and on about the deal they have for you, well, I really do.
As I mentioned last week, I really did hit the mother of all Estate sales last week. With the result being, I can barely get into the Studio. So I need it to go out as fast as it came in. I'm offering low prices in my Etsy shop. And I do refund shipping if I overcharge.
Lots of cool french frames, vintage millinery, great books and so much more. Keep your eyes on my Etsy, I'm loading as fast as I can!

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Pinterest is Evil

I posted this on the other blog yesterday, but thought I would stick em here, really quick, for those that don't read the other blog. :)
Just showing off a few pages from a book that I recently completed for my young friend Avery. I wanted to do something really cool to document her first time to the Circus. Something she could be really interactive with.
I created lots of smaller flip pages, cards to journal on, doodles, and even silly things, like a clown mask (for journaling) and a pop corn box (for mementos). I wanted it to be as much fun as her day at the Circus was.
And I hope that she feels that way as well.

PS...why is Pinterest evil? Because I have 5 million things I NEED to be doing, and yet, I sit here, clapping in delight, squealing, "pretty pictures", like I don't have a care in the world. Good grief, menopause has eaten my mind. Along with Pinterest.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Hi Ho the Dairy Oh!

A single green bean!

Freezie, freezie!  We had our first hard freeze this week.  It was hard to see my wee little gardens frozen and dying.  But, I've already gotten my first seed Catalog and I'm EAGERLY waiting for Spring!
A single wee tomato!
Gardening made for an interesting summer, for sure.  Because this summer, I took up gardening.
My first raised bed included Kale, Beets, Basil and Marigolds.  This is before the freeze.  
What you have to understand to get the big pic is this: 1. The ONLY way I have a green thumb, is if its covered in paint. 2. Sweet Hub often refers to me as, "the vampire". I don't even like to go outside to get the mail.
My second raised bed had squash, lettuce, parsley, thyme, green beans and cabbage.
So, for me to go outside, dig in the dirt AND face the bees, all without self combustion in the sunlight, a major feat indeed. I took a great class this summer, from the gals at Garden Inspirations. I am eagerly anticipating gardening catalogs and planning my artful garden journal.  And hoping that I get at least one more wee green bean!

I learning that creativity comes in all shapes and sizes, even green.  Even outdoors!

Monday, December 5, 2011

The Mother Loade of Estate Sales

Just when I depaired of never finding any cool vintage again, along comes the "mutha" load of all Estate Sales. Heaven, oh heaven. I picked for me, I picked for friends, I picked for me to sell on Etsy. Heavenly indeed. I don't think the lovely lady that had owned her sweet little 1900's cottage ever threw anything away. Bless her heart. And she crafted,painted, baked, drew and more. Yep, it was heavenly. Hope to get things on Etsy all this week. Keep your eyes on the shop, cause I'm passing the deals onto you! :) -Cindy