Monday, April 15, 2013

English Pop Up Shop

 My friend "J" traveled to England last January on a buying trip.  From the photo's that she shared it looked like it was wonderful fun.  And she found many lovely goodies.  Her cousin, allowed my friend, to use her wonderful home as the shop.  I thought you might enjoy some pictures of the event, from last week.  

Her cousins home is really lovely and its on one of the prettiest streets in town. Her newly redone porch just needed a picture of lemonade and a book to be perfect.

Inside, treasures awaited.  Loads of lace, nicely priced, and such a wonderful variety of textures and colors.  

I'm not a lace girl.  At all.  And even I succumbed to buying a few pieces, cause the prices were just that good.  

 My friend "M" had a fit that these pieces were wrapped around old organ pulls. Very creative indeed.  

 No sale of goods from England would be complete without a photo somewhere of the Queen!

 Yes, I've seen these countless times here in the states, but never any quite as pretty.  I snapped up one of these as well.  

Loved this mini dress form dressed in vintage, rusty keys.  I can just imagine the doors that they've all unlocked.

 The sun room was decked to the nines with all things garden.  Fun tags gave a little bit of history or info on the item.  

Such a pretty room.  A perfect place for a morning cup of coffee and bird song.  

This is my weird angle shot, but I wanted to capture this little vignette of furniture that runs down a walkway.  I'm a sucker for brown and burlap and this was just a lovely mix of patterns and colors.  

Knowing J and her cousin, I'm sure that they had tons of fun displaying all those wonderful goods out.

They set out a lovely "tea" as well.  

The devil is always in the details and I loved the great napkins they chose.  I had to swipe one.  

Adored this plate "wreath" that her cousin made.  

Such pretty restful colors throughout her home.  We took a sneak peek in some of the rooms.  

Such lovely displays and such wonderful things.  I had to really struggle to walk away from the wonderful charm bracelet in the pic above.  

But here are the goodies that I did end up with.  Bits of lace, the metal piece, a key, a small frozen charlotte head, small piece of Majolica, sachet, a vintage book and my personal FAVE, a toast rack.  The sale was loads of fun, saw many friends there and what a delight to see such wonderful things.  The anglophile in me was dancing with joy!  


  1. What a fun sale, and a gorgeous home. I didn't miss all of those yummy moldings and beautiful old doors! Good stuff, C!
    xo, Andrea

    1. Hey girl! Its so very hard to hang out in all of these wonderful houses down here and then return to my own humble little abode. :) Thanks for the comment, we need to get together and have lunch some time! Meet over at the Chocolate Angel or something!



  2. Oh I wish I had made it to this sale!!! Looks like there were lovely things to buy!!! and see!!!

  3. Oh I wish I had made it to this sale!!! Looks like there were lovely things to buy!!! and see!!!


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