Monday, August 27, 2012

One Class, different spins

Bump in the Night Triptych by Melissa Hines
For those that don't know, my other blog is Paper Cowgirl.  I'm hosting another Art Event this Fall called, "Something Wicked this Way Comes".  And its a small event, four classes, to get you in the mood for Fall and Halloween.

The above photo is one of the classes for this event (registration opens in the morning).  But what I really wanted to show you was how a class project can sometimes take a different vibe, depending upon the student.
My sweet god-daughter came down for several days this summer and we made her hang out with us old broads and craft.  We decided to try the class out on her, and this was her version.  She did a totally diff background color (and this pic does NOT do it justice), a vintage image on the gal and she added a trio of pumpkins, which is personal to her and her family.  Her trick or treater holds her "bucket" by a string.  Very cute.
I proceeded to do my version.  I also opted for the vintage gal and larger moon.  I Mod Podged my pieces, as well as painting in a haunted house in the background ad adding in some glittered bats, stars and hand-writing.  Again, the piece now has a different feel.
As you can see, side by side.
Our friend Annette did her version and she really put a spin on it by using the moon as the head. And blocking in the eyes.  I love it.  And that's what I love about taking one of our (Paper Cowgirl) classes, you can do the project as presented or you can put your spin on it, to make it yours.

Pop over to the other blog and check it out.  Http:// and come down and take a class with us!