Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Painting Pink and Green today

Working in pale pink, coral and greens today.  And big.  Well, big to me.  But then again, anything over 8x10 is big to me.  This one is 16x20.

And painting more letters.

Monday, February 25, 2013

Happy Colors

When I begin to work on projects, I tend to start one color palette and then stick with that till I run out of paint or get board with it.  Ever since I went to Dallas Market (for work), I've been stuck in "happy" colors mode.  LOVE the feel of these colors....kind of 70's retro.  Granny chic.

Found these pillow cases in my fabric stash bin...thought they were perfect for the mode I'm in.

Had fun creating these "love letters".  My friend bought them for her laundry room.  Can't wait to see how they look.   And hoop art.  Its just the cutest to me right now.

Still playing with canvases too!

Designed a canvas for a friends birthday gift and its turned out to be one of my favorite designs.

 Love it so much, I'm doing a green one for me.

Hope your Monday is happy and creative.