Friday, June 8, 2012

June Journal page

June Journal page by Cindy Mayfield
Why yes, another journal page, she said.  LOL.  OK, this one is not one of my favorites.  But that's OK.  It started out as one thing, got lost, and then there was a mad scramble to fill in the holes.  
June journal page detail
Which is generally what happens when I DON'T take the time to layout things prior to putting down color and marker.  And speaking of marker, my love affair of Copics just goes on and on.  I hope to see a colorless blender in my near future.  All of the color in this page is with how they just layer.  OK, enough.
June Journal page detail
But, seriously...look at that...all done with Copics.  Love, love, love.  I purchase one or two a replaces my coffee.  LOL.  But art supplies are expensive.

So when you are on vaca, and you find some at a great price, ship them back.  Don't try and tuck them into a suitcase.  For as much as the tiny tubes of Gouache made me happy...TSA, not so much.  They were saved by the fact that they had a plastic wrap over the box, otherwise, I'm sure they where headed for the trash bin.  Lesson learned.  


  1. Love your page and all the happy colors! Good point about shipping art supplies!

  2. Thank goodness your goodies did not end up in the trash! I really don't think terrorists do crafts. If they did they be a heck of a lot calmer. Just sayin'.LOL!
    Love the Copics! They come in so many cool colors!

  3. I really like this page, with all of the happy colors...I especially love the union jack in the corner...makes my Anglophile heart happy :)

  4. This is a party on a page. I am a novice with Copics, while you are obviously at pro-level. Are you switching to the gouaches? And yes, that was a close-call with TSA. Some of them are downright mean.


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