Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Creativity is Life

Love this quote, one of my favorites

Emily, over at Beehive Art Salon, had a blog post (on Friday) that really resonated with me.  She started out by using one of my favorite quotes (above).  (Pop over and read her lovely post if you get the chance, it will warm your heart.)  

The above quote is awesome, but I had to change one word.  And that is the word ART.  I replaced that word with CREATIVITY.  So, reread above, using the word, creativity instead of art.  Does it make a difference to you?  Does it feel a little less intimidating? 
new journal pages for today
I paint and I craft, but yet, I have a hard time calling myself an artist.  In fact, when people ask me what i do for a living, I shrug my shoulders and just say, "I'm a slacker".  And then I just add a cheesy grin for effect.  
this old calendar will make a great journal/scrapbook
I think if someone asks, I would be more comfortable saying, "I'm a creative type".  That's a little less intimidating to me, yet, refers to the fact that I do like to work with my hands.  And, much like the quote above, does not limit me (in their mind) to painting, or work in a gallery.  Being creative can be numerous things.  Being creative can just be a way of life.  And for me, it is.  
finished page

finished page

pages as they started out early this am, gesso over with just some of the original photo, which I then painted over with gouache.
This morning, I started to toss out that old Country Living desk calendar.  But as I was about to toss it into the bin, it said, "hey, I have a sturdy ring binder and nice thick pages, don't throw me out".  And i decided it was right  I think its going to make another great journal.  And hey, that's thinking creatively.  Bonus.


  1. That is a great quote and very true. Case in point...Your amazing journal with the too cute rooster.:)

  2. You, my friend, are truly an artist. Why you wouldn't call yourself that, I don't know. Indeed! Every time I see your work (especially your to-die-for writing) I am certain that is what you are. Looking at your work always brings me a happy smile.
    This quote is lovely- and the idea to substitute the word 'creativity' is perfect. Thank you for sharing it!
    Love the re-use of the calendar...


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