Monday, April 16, 2012

Page Layering for Journal

Learning.  I want to learn more.  For me, classes seem to be the way to go.  I'm not really an explore on my own kinda girl.  A class that I can take in my pi's, with a cat underfoot and coffee in hand, sounds perfect.  On-line classes are the way to go.  One of the classes that I signed up for ages ago, but am just now doing, is Teresa Mcfayden's, "Journal of Interest".  
Vintage ledger, sewing pattern, and book page glued to card stock.
Layering is something I want to get better at, not only in my journals, but in other aspects of creativity as well.  I have a tendency to want to make every element of the page important.  And that does not make for good art.  So, I want to learn how NOT to do that.  LOL.  My first page started out (above), layered vintage pieces of paper elements, glued to card stock.
Ranger Inks added some details at top and bottom page, as well as random color overall.
Teresa used watercolor, but I was too lazy to drag any out, inks were on the desk, and that seemed like a great sub.  Here I just began to smear inks (shutter, sugar and straw) in a random fashion.
More collage elements were added, ticket, butterfly, paper scraps, label, wash tape.
Once dry, I began to collage on some paper elements, vintage and new.  A label and a little washi tape.  I also lightly stenciled some clock faces and numbers as well.  And then I began doodling.
Doodling, swirls, hand-writing elements were added.
I doodled around elements, boxes, onto some of the collaged elements and filled in my box that would become my book page.  I also added the cool ex libris I cut out of an old reader's digest.
White highlights and Prisma Pencil added a little more interest.
I wanted a little more color, so I began to add some Prisma pencil.  Dots at the bottom of the page, scribbles under the roses, etc.  I also added some highlights with some Copics.
Stitching for texture.
I stitched around the page, just to finish it off. I also took some of the ink pads and just built up some inks in some textured areas (mainly on the sewing pattern).
Stencils on the left added a little more depth and finished the page.  
White dots added some highlights.  And I added some damask stenciling on the left hand side to add a bit more depth.  At this point, it felt finished.   Thats one of the hard calls for me to make sometimes.  When is it done?
Writing detail
With so many great classes to choose from, easy to find something to work on.  
Page two is done in copies and inks only.  
This is the second page.  Done with inks and Copics.  Stencils and doodles and stamped wording.  I think my journal is going to focus on the theme of "happiness".   My favorite part of this page is the light word "happy" stenciled on the right.  All of the info on the page above came from The Dennis Prager show.  

I look forward to creating this journal, and hope to learn as I go along.  


  1. Love it! And love your journal for Sam! AND love your blog header! I am just FULL OF LOVE for you today, girl! :)

  2. Love your pages! Awesome as always!!!

  3. Awwwww, thanks you guys. Just trying to get this blog up and running again. Thanks again for the kind words.


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