Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Journal/Scrapbook for Sam

On occasion, I get a chance to work on a commissioned work for a customer.  That was the case for a project that I finished this week.  
I am so proud of the way that this book turned out.  Sam, being a creative person himself, inspired me to be a little more creative on some to the pages.  
I incorporated my hand-writing where I could.  Used lots of Dyan's sprays and Ranger inks and stencils (so fun) and added bits of vintage here and there.  And sewed.  I think I sewed on every piece of paper in the book.
The first page is always the hardest, its only when I'm four or five pages in that I begin to really feel comfortable on the project.  But what I did love about this page was the vintage picture of the men's feet.  I just seemed the perfect thing to use from someone starting out on their own journey of life.
This seemed a perfect quote to tie into that first page.
But this was my favorite page.  Since Sam is also into art, I wanted to do a page that he could put his own art on.  And even finish coloring the page if he wanted to.  The piece with the quote on it is a pocket, so that a photo or art work can be slipped under.  I wanted to keep it clean and simple, and I loved the quote.

Thanks Sue for giving me the chance to work on such a lovely project and to get to know Sam a little better.  This was a fun book to create, and I hope Sam will make it his own.  


  1. A great canvas for Sam to build on. Sewing adds fun texture. Note to self: more sewing!

  2. Awesome! Pictures are lovely,hoping he loves it


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