Monday, August 22, 2011

What a difference a Class makes!

As you can see from the previous post, yep, what a difference a class makes!
Now, I'm not trying to make my blog, "all journal pages, all the time", but I just had to show you the tremendous difference a class really did make.  Learning new tools, like Gesso and Golden paints, learning some basics on composition, balance, seeing what others in the class are doing, getting opinions, it all makes an amazing change in my artwork. And I could not be happier.
I was so honored to have  Shelly Massey come literally, "right back to Texas", after just having taught here at Paper Cowgirl in June.  This time we held an intense two day workshop on the basics of journaling from actually creating a book, to creating backgrounds, pages, lettering, comp, color and more.  (Check out the PC Blog for more class info and pics). 
Tickled, I'm positively tickled with the way my pages are now progressing.  Just being able to immerse myself in the creativity of it all for two days was total bliss, as my friend Melissa kept saying.  There is much to be said about hanging with like minded peeps.  I know I will be on a creative high for the next several days.  Yep, what a diff a day made!


PS and the bonus, time with friends...a Chick Flick, a huge plate of nacho's, an adult beverage and just some great gal yapping, it really was a super fun weekend!


  1. Hey- what's wrong with 'all journaling pages- all the time'?? They're fantastic! What fun that must have been at your class... I love the direction your art is taking you!

  2. I love all the journaling pages too! Your artwork is so amazing!
    PS Glad you got to spend some down times with friends. I know you gals had a ball!

  3. Loved every minute of class! Had so much fun with all you gals and being able to sit and create for 2 days was awesome! Thanks C for organizing the class. Loved Shelly and the class!

  4. Darn I hit the post button too soon. And your pages are fantastic!!!! Even prettier in person! Keep those pages coming!

  5. Hi, I posted about the Song Bird Tag Swap today and I wanted to stop by and thank you for the one you made. I really love it! I think my favorite part is the thread you wrapped around it..neat idea!

    By the way, your journal pages are awesome!

  6. Go ahead, you can do all journal pages all the time- they are great- makes me want to start making my own right NOW.

  7. Gorgeous, Miss Cindy!!! Love the images and your printing is fantastic!

  8. Well, seeing this, no wonder I received such a terrific tag from you in the Bird Song swap! I haven't posted yet -- am hoping to by Labor Day -- my blog seems to be about two weeks behind my life! But I do love it and will be posting! Thank you!


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