Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Journal Pages

Prisma Pencils, Vintage image and black ink
Prisma Pencil
Image by my friend Ruthe, right hand side, prism pencil and ink
Prisma Pencils and black ink
Prisma Pencil, vintage images, Copics, tape, ink
Of all the movies I ever saw, funny how this ONE thing of Tom Hanks always stuck in my mind.  LOL.  Thought it was great for my page to jot down my favorite wine finds.  :)
Journal pages are all that I want to work on lately.  Funny how I go in spurts on that.  LOADS of projects piling up and yet, all I want to do is journal.  Silly.  But keeps me in and outta the heat, as its way cool in the Studio...even the cats scream to go into that room, it really is the coolest place in the house!  Hope you are staying cool...hopefully some rain will happen here on Friday. 

And speaking of journals...if you follow Paper Cowgirl, just FYI registration for Shells class is closing on the 14th.  She will be doing a fabulous two day workshop on creating Journal pages.  Her's puts mine to shame.  :)  



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