Friday, August 26, 2011

Hats! Here's to Juggling them!

Beautiful Velvet Pumpkins are the first thing you see when you walk in the door.
I'm willing to bet that like most of you, I juggle "hats" several times during any given week. One hat, the pretty pink one, is daughter, the fancy embellished one is my creative hat, and my sweetest red hat is wife. Add in my work hat, its a shabby turquoise bowler with a Doves Nest on it, my gardening hat, is of course, green (but probably more brown than green), and for good fun add my coaching hat (right now its black - LOL.) My  Paper Cowgirl Hat, which is a Cowgirl hat of course, is probably glittered. Well, that's ALLOT of hats to keep in the air.
The "other" Cindy (the owner) did this gorgeous wagon full of pumpkins.
All of this is my yappy way of saying, "I've been merchandising most of the week". Yep, I've worn that Turquoise Bowler and kept the others in the air as best as possible. . And I thought you might like to see some of the cool things that the store has gotten in. I was hoping that thinking Fall, would make it feel like Fall, but no such luck. Its still HOT.
I love nests all year round, not just in Spring.  And LOVED these new signs we got in.

More pumpkins.  White, Expresso and Platinum.

Are they not fab?

Great pillows and garden statures and cages all in neutral tones, remind me of Fall.

Bags of Old Book Page Shred and Metals Nests for the garden.

Browns and Gray

Heavenly smelling candles in the shape of wee birds.  Berries for Fall.

I had fun adding "scary" words to our new Chalkboard wall. 

Fab glass votives make a great statement.

Damask pumpkins, crows and moss make an elegant Halloween display.

Bat's in her Belfrey.  :)

Loads of great new cookbooks!   

And wonderful jars and display pieces.  CB did these great displays pictured here, and below.

LOVED this new Santos we got in.

Beautiful heavy frames and Mercury votives are gorgeous for Fall.  Change a few elements and they are perfect for Christmas as well.

There you have it. Here's to wearing many hats, and being a Jill of all Trades. Its my life and I love it.



  1. But all your hats are wonderful! I'm going to have to make a special trip to the nest since I didn't make it in last weekend. Can't believe that but I was just so focused on creating! HUGS!

  2. The shop looks wonderful. I think merchanidising is so much fun, maybe that's why my house looks like a "store" most of the time. te he. I found one of those fab velvet pumpkins today at a shop up here. Good grief they are expensive, but I splurged on one, a med smallish one, LOVE them!! xoxo

  3. Yes. We women have lots of hats. I wish I could retire a couple of mine! LOL! I love love all that you have done in the store! The pumpkins are TDF! Now if our weather would just co-operate and bring us a bit of Fall. :)

  4. awwww, makes me drool! Looks great! I wish I had time to watch all the magic happen there as Cindy B creates!

  5. What a great store! Where in the world are you located? Love the pumpkins and yard art is a fave. And those soaps -- adorable. Really wonderful in every way and so beautifully displayed.

    Three cheers!


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