Monday, July 25, 2011

Poppin Fresh

Aging is a funny thing.  Most of the time my brain is still popping  full of ideas, thoughts and things.  And sometimes I feel, well, not so popping fresh any more.  Musically, I'm mired in the 80's and I think that is one of the signs of aging.  Clothing wise, comfy wins every time.  And I'm not so much into trends, I like what I like. 
If I were young, that would be fresh.  But being over 40, well, maybe it ages me.  Aging, I am aging. And I am trying ever so much to do that very thing, "gracefully". And honestly, its hard.

When I'm with a group of people, I always find myself pulled into whatever the young ones are talking about.  I'm not totally envious of the young. OK. A bit. I admire their ability to be new, everything is a possibility, young eyes and all that stuff. And I used to have that.

Now I have years, wisdom, been there done that. The big eye glasses everyone is wearing now (dear Lord, please don't make me wear those again!). Done it. Hello 80's.(Give me a cool pair of vintage, from the 40's thank you very much).
Feathers. Did. Try late 70's. Modern decorating, uhm, big wave from the 60's.  And so it goes.  They say everything old is new again. And that fashion repeats itself every twenty years. That there are no original ideas left.  So what do I do? 
I think Walt Disney said it best. He said, "Keep Moving Forward". So that is what I try and do. Learn, soak things up, talk to young people, look at blogs that are NOT in my comfort zone, keep it fresh. And along the way, add a little twist of what I already know. Maybe that's the way to keep poppin.



  1. My sentiments exactly.:)
    PS I am loving your new blog look! I'm still surprised every time I come over here! LOL!

  2. Thanks Lis! I'm having too much fun playing with the banner and colors! :)

    -yap cat

  3. Wow! Looks great over here!! Love this new blog!


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