Thursday, July 21, 2011

New Home and a Clean Studio to boot!

Cost cutting?  That's Sweet Hub and me.  So to roll that effort along, I'm making the jump from Typepad to Blogspot.  If this is your first time here, welcome.  If you are a regular, I'm glad you made the jump with me.
I had wanted to play at Karen's Party but in typical ME fashion, I was too late. But I could not stand to waste the fact that I spent an entire day cleaning the Studio, so here are the pics anyway!
This is the new view from my desk. I decided it made more sense to have my Inspiration board where I could, well, actually see it.
And hopefully be "inspired".
One of my favorite things on the board is "baby". My friend "Sister" bought baby and we were actually supposed to share...but I could never quite let baby back out of my grasp. Isn't she sweet?
No matter how large the desk space, I always end up with only about two inches to work in. Happens every time.
Piles of trinkets and goodies on a side table.
Fairies play amongst the goodies!
Random stuff.
This is one of my favorite things that I won from another blog.
Paper Bird garland. Needs help, they don't "fly right". :) But I like it anyway.
I'm a sucker for vintage bits of plastic fruit. And I do LOVE color, I'm not really a pink or neutral girl.  Don't get me wrong, love to gaze fondly at those things, but for me, color always comes sneaking back in.
LOVE the Union Jack. A dear friend actually brought this one back from London for me.
Tray full of "toys".
Weakness #27, Vintage Velvet Strawberries.
One of my creations, an Alice Tea Party Hat from one of Vannessa's Party's a few years back.
Bluebirds. Weakness #15.
Home Sweet Home. One of my favorite places to be.



  1. Wow, Cindy this is gorgeous... please be looking for your lovely new studio on my Pinterest..for studio wishes.. boy wish I had a studio as amazing as this one... miss you, too...xox

  2. Well, a course I'm gonna follow you. Your studio is full of fab stuff. As is mine (well, maybe not AS fab). I occasionally need to just prowl through the shelves, drawers, boxes to see what I have since there is crammed abundance. My work table is a folding banquet table...yet it is covered with supplies and scraps leaving me about a 2 ft square area. Hey, who needs more? I like looking around my table scraps and finding just the right bits to complete what I'm working on. So, no, I can't throw away that snip of tulle or corner of Dresden or strip of sheet music.

  3. so many lovelies to feast the eyes upon! Glad baby is still a favorite, she might have been buried in a box at my house, so better she is there!!

  4. ..and I like the new look! very snappy/yappy

  5. I love your new look! Your header is so striking! And your studio is so wonder you're so crafty.:)

  6. What a fun studio! I can certainly see your personality in it.

  7. Welcome back to blogger! :) Wait, you were here first right? Anyway, lovely page. I laughed out loud at weakness #15. So true. :) Happy to see more posts from you.


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