Saturday, July 23, 2011

Busy as a Bee!

Trying to get inspiration.  Need to make kits too!
Tried to get as much done as possible this week. But as usual, never enough. My brain wants to body wants to lie in a hammock, read a great summer novel, sip lemonade and eventually, slip into a cool, clear swimming pool.
Shells "inspired" tag :), kinda funky huh?
But since I can't find a novel I really want to read (for under $10.00), don't wanna fool with making lemonade, only have a sprinkler, don't own a hammock, well its pretty much a ucky summer for me. :)  So work it us.  Looking for inspiration to work on tags.  Above I did while under the influence...of Shells.  Funky huh?
Tags for Karla's swap...have not played a game in a while
Finally got tags done and out the door for Karla Whew.  I wussed and made em all the same.  
She came out a bit dark...but I like it.  Tried to use all vintage.
Coffee stained tag and lace, vintage thread and images (thanks Beth!), inked and a wee bit of clear glitter (ugh!) rounded it off. A bit dark, but I like it.
So much stuff for Etsy.  Trying to get it all in the shop.
*sigh* So much crap to put on my Etsy shop I'm overwhelmed. Cutting up vintage calendars for prints. I have some gorgeous ones.
This is just ONE of the many piles.
This is just one of many piles that needs to be tagged, photoed and added to the shop. LOVE that little cap. Is that not the cutest? I think I want to paint it on a canvas before I sell it. Would be sweet for a boys room.

I'm off to see if I can get anything accomplished.



  1. Hey You!!!! I see you've switched over to blogger! Long time, no talk! I could spend days hidden in your creative spaces, you might not even be able to find me. remember ET when he was hiding with the suffed animals. I could just put some of your plastic fruit on my head and no one would notice me! SOMEday I'm going to get to Paper Cowgirl, dang it!! Hope you're having a great summer, xoxo Debra

  2. Cute stuff, love the hat! I need to do the same thing and get some stuff listed to sell!


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