Monday, February 3, 2014

Home Decor Wanna Be

Bookshelves in progress.  Adding more of my own art.  

As I mentioned the last day, I want to be more supportive of my artistic self, in an attempt to be my authentic self.  

I LOVE CUTE!!!!  No sophisticated rooms for me!  

One of the things that I have NEVER done, was to hang my own art in my own home.  Sure, Ive painted walls, canvases and things for other people.  But rarely do I keep anything for me.  And if I do, I keep it crammed in the Studio.  

Gallery wall layout ideas.  

Well no more.  

Home Decor.  I love so many styles.  And there in is the problem.  I love so many styles.  I envy people that can do one color scheme through out their entire home.  But that does not seem to be me.  AND Sweet Hub, always has to put his two cents in (this used to drive my Mom crazy).  


Love the bright happy colors!  BH&G New Cottage Style book 
BH&G, Refresh, special interest publication.  Love the way a simple pillow color change makes it all different.

But he has agreed that I should use more of my artwork in our decor and that if "cottage" is my thing (its certainly not his), then he can live with it.  Looking forward to warmer days to be able to paint furniture.  Estate sale finds are gonna be the norm.  And my own artwork.  Lots of it!  

PS Other bloggers whose home decor inspires me:

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