Monday, February 10, 2014

A good day to stay inside and paint

I seem to be gravitating towards blue lately. Well yesterday, anyways.

Been working on a little custom work.  I've really enjoyed doing more graphics and less writing.  

The need to create/paint has been really good lately.  I love it when my muse hangs around.  Today, she must be bundled up somewhere, trying to stay warm.  So all I seem to want to do today is to cook.  Huge breakfast taco's for breakfast, Ginger Molasses Cookies for our coffee break this afternoon.  

Trying to get my little space down at the Shop, all nice and full.

I think we are getting close.  :)

Been having fun with numbers.  Painting them to look vintage and grungy.  I think they would be so much fun on a gallery wall.  

I think these would be great little additions too.  Just the perfect little touch for a gallery wall.  

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  1. Your paintings look so beautiful in the cabinet! I bet they are a real attention getter! So glad the sun is finally out. Don't know how Northerners do it.;)


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