Sunday, September 30, 2012

My Rule Number Three for Me

One of my many artistic quirks is perfectionism.  Insert scary da, da, DAAA!  here.  Oh the dreaded perfectionism.  

 When I get caught up in the evil binds of thinking a project has to be absolutely perfect or not at all....doing it not at all usually wins.  Therefore, "Baby Steps".  I have to keep taking baby steps in whatever new skill or task I'm trying to learn.  Thus began the theory for Rule #3, "Baby Steps".

Does it always work?  No.  But I have to be kind to myself.  I have to tell my own self to "don't be a hater" when it comes to what I create.  Sometimes I have to say this several times.  And then I keep moving forward.  
I was really happy with the way that these two pages turned out.  I wanted quirky colors, an odd version of pink and blue.  And the paper doily pocket above holds a small inspiration/journal tag.

With a picture of, of course, a baby!  Just another way to remind myself that I would not expect a baby to run a marathon the minute it first starts walking, and I should not expect marathon results from myself, when I've just begun creating.  That makes baby steps, rule #3.


  1. Hi Cindy. Your journals are looking, well...PERFECT! HA. I can spend minutes positioning a small element just so on a page. Must be perfectly centered, or off-centered, but PERFECT is the key word. Then I'll photo the finished product and notice something that isn't quite right. Drat. Does anyone else notice? I think not.

  2. Oh, I SO share that trait of perfectionism! It's such a creativity-killer for me. This spread is gorgeous, as all your stuff is - thank you so much for taking the time to post it up and share it with us!

  3. Beautiful! I love the colors and the doily pocket. It's hard to believe you struggle because your work ALWAYS looks like absolute perfection to me. Especially your doodles! LOVE LOVE LOVE your doodles.:)

  4. Awwww, thanks y'all! I really appreciate the kind words. Seahorse, yep, I hear ya. Its crazy huh? LOL. And I think you are right, no one else notices. And Kat, yes, I think it does kill my creativity...wonder if there are any exercise or things to help loosen an artist up. Thanks Lisa! You are too sweet!



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