Thursday, September 27, 2012

Fall is here and so am I

Summer is truly over and here I am.  It was a good summer.  We did some traveling, spent some time with our god-daughter, got to know her better.  I did a little gardening, until the heat began to hit the 100 degree mark...then, forget it.  It was a wonderful summer, and I do hate to see it end.
I did very little creating.  Well, some, but I'll show you that later.  For the past couple of days, I've played with this journal page.
I loved the quote.  My niece had it on her Pinterest page, it was actually a tatoo.
Finally found a rolodex at a garage sale.  And while it was not exactly what I was looking for, it'll do.  I did my first little "rolodex art" piece to get started.  My thinking is, that as inspiration hits, this will be a fun way to do some smaller pieces, working on techniques, lettering and especially composition.

More later.



  1. Cindy, I love, love, love your art!!!! How beautiful! Do you do art swaps? I will look at your blog more closely tonight to see. I love your work!!

  2. Lol, oh wow, just looked at your site and other blog, how beautiful!!!! Shoulda looked at that before I asked you about swaps, huh. Your sites are awesome!!!!

  3. Hey thanks Pam, I really appreciate the kind words! And yes, I would love to do an art swap. Just let me know.



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