Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Renewing my Creative Juices

I got the chance to take Dyan Reaveley's classes, while she was at The Crafty Scrapper.  Lemme tell ya, between Yarn Bomber's and a FAB Brit Artist visit, we are just feeling like quite the little art mecca here in town.  

Pictured above is the cover.  Hard to believe that we made this wonderful little book out of one sheet of watercolor paper.  One sheet.  Can you believe it?  Sweet Hub and I had quite the "who's on first moment" of me trying to explain that it was created from one sheet of paper.  
I love the little cut out windows.  The first page is just as we had created in class.  The page on the right I've added a quote and a vintage image. Once I got it home, I began to add some stitching and a few images and such.  Her backgrounds make it so easy to just go and play.  
The victorian boy peeping through the window is actually a cut out page.  
Hard to tell from this photo, but he's kinda like a huge tag.  Doodles on the right hand side of the page, were added after the stamping.  
I decided that this book would be all about creativity and art quotes.  This page just has some words tucked in amongst the doodling.  
These pages are exactly as they were from class, have not altered in anyway.  I love how you can make her inks as bright or muted as you like.  Since these were done directly onto water color paper, they are pretty bright.  I love color, so they are perfect for me. 
I added a small tag and a transparency over the image of the gal.  I will probably add a quote, just have not decided on what yet.  The larger white dots are gesso on top of the inks.  The center tags are just two tags glued together to make a pocket.  There is a stamped wooden spoon in the pocket.  The spoon reads, "what is art but a way of seeing".  I also added some stitching here too.  Water color paper is great.  Easy to stitch on, and it likes the Copics. 
The other side of the tag.
The way the book is created, there are some little edges that peek up, these are great for adding tags and things.  Here on the left I've added a transparency, and a stitched tag.  Did some artwork at the top with Copics. 
The page on the left, has been stitched and doodle quoted.  And a vintage image of a tea cup added at the bottom.  This is one of my favorite quotes.  The previous page peeking through is actually waxed paper.  I added an image, stitched around it, and then glued the bird onto the top of it all.  
This is the other side of that tag.  LOVE that you can do so much with her colors.  
The last two pages are just fun.  The little phone booth is on an corrugated accordion and pulls out.  Here, I've just slobbered unmercifully about how cool Dyan is.  Yes, I was star stuck, very much so.  

Thanks for taking a peep.  If you get the chance to take one of her classes, I highly recommend it.  Her energy and fun that she brings, as well as her knowledge of using her inks, is just tremendous.  I also expanded my knowledge of putting together a book.  Something that will be useful and can lend itself to vintage or new.  I'm sure I'll be boring you with more of that soon.  LOL.  Lucky you.  



  1. Beautiful! I'm completely drooling over all of that color and layering. Very fabulous! (P.S. I had to put my new journal on the postal scale because of your comment... it weighs 1 pound, 10 ounces. Looks like I'll get an arm cramp just carrying the thing around. But the good news is that it doubles as a pillow.)

  2. Fun is leaping off your journal pages. I wanna go have some fun now.


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