Thursday, May 3, 2012

ok, more journal pages

birds of worry page by cindy mayfield
Oh good, I'm glad you are not too bored.  Because pages are all I seem to want to do this week.  That and garden.  I'm beyond thrilled that my lettuce and arugula are coming along nicely.  I think they are the easiest things one can grow.  
Birds of worry page by Cindy Mayfield
I am a worrier. I worry. Not the wringing of hands, must take to my bed kind of worry. But I do let stupid things sometimes keep me awake at night. So, ever since I saw this quote, I've loved it.  Felt that it spoke to me.  This is the second time I've created a collage page with this quote.  And I LOVE the way the colors turned out. This was a previous page that I had started ages ago, so I finished it today.  Holy did I ever collage without a sewing machine?  LOL.  Yes, that's a big hunk of vintage lace sew onto the bottom of the page.
trio of journal pages by Cindy Mayfield

I did three pages today. Again, all existing pages that I just went back and "added to". I'm learning. Its good for me to step back. I very often get so excited to finish a project that I don't "step back". I do that in my art work, as well as my (merchandising) work. Stepping back and getting the big picture of what I am doing seems to help me work better. Helps me to see what needs what and where. This was something that they often talked about in some of the art classes I took. Sometimes I just find it hard to do. But, I'm learning.

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