Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Alredy! Its day 4!

Happy Belated New Year to ya! Hope you had a wonderful holiday time, as did we. Sweet Hub was lamenting that it just goes too fast. And it does. We had a blissful day Monday of just nesting, lounging in PJ's all day, watching old movies and I made a huge lunch. Truly it was heavenly.  I would love to burrow down into the couch for about a week and just not move at all, but no such luck. 

And speaking of luck, got to create a little.  Kinda a fun card, "Lucky Number 8". 



  1. Glad you had a great holiday! Happy New Year, Friend.:)

  2. Jammies , sweet hub , yummy lunch and creating -- who could be more blessed than that !!Hugz - kathy - ga ♥

  3. Cute! Sounds like you had a perfect day :)


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