Wednesday, January 23, 2013

To Market, To Market

So many things to love here!  The pink against the green.  The screen door.  The overlaying of the mirrors.  

Like you, I wear many hats.  When I'm not in the Studio creating, I might be in the office planning a retreat or some creative classes.  And when I'm not doing that, I'm usually at my "real job".  

Huge display in a window, this is the top.  Loved the way the chair seems to be balanced on the table and stack of suite cases.  And the pop of green with the Mother-in-Law Tongue plant (which was hot in the 70's).

And just what is that you ask?  Well, my real job is putting together displays, decorating the windows and putting out new merchandise for a wonderful store called, The Dove's Nest.  

This is the bottom of the above photo.  Sorry a little blurry.  I was trying to not get caught.  LOL.

And one of the perks of my job is getting to go to Dallas Market.  Dallas Market holds a major show, twice a year, for shop owner's to come and see new merchandise to and buy stuff for their stores. 

I love shutters.  So I really loved this piece worked in as a piece of art, with framed art on top.  
When we were there last week, I snapped some pics of a few of the displays that were inspiring to me.  Seems like I'm always on the hunt for a way to freshen things up in the store or to just present something in a way that it will inspire our customers.  And I was on visual overload at market.  Which I loved.

Green.  Green is supposed to be THE color for 2013.  And I saw lots of it.  Love the mix here of peely/shabby with the mirrored edge framed artwork.  
I think we all want to learn new ways to keep things fresh in our homes.  Or how to work that wonderful new goodie into our existing decor.  Either way, when it comes to display, well that's my thing.

Love, love, love the paper treatment on the bookcase.  Especially loved the backwards books.   Great use of texture and color.  

I got a new phone right before we left for Market on Friday, so I snapped some pics of arrangements that I found interesting.  

Loved the whimsy of this.  I think it cascaded from the window and across the wall.  Loads of paper crafted flowers on a wire.  I'm sure it took someone ages to create them all.

So many wonderful, creative arrays that caught my eye.  Some don't really show off product as much as they just pull you in.  Which, I think, is what a great window display should do.  As anyone who has gone to an Anthropologies knows.  

I loved the overall look of this, the dark vs light.  The texture of the shred in the basket.  Really wonderful. 

So that's just a little peek into what I do when I'm NOT in the Studio.  Thanks for letting me give you a glimpse of the other part of my world.  


  1. I love the screen door and the bookcases! The backward books are cool...if you don't need to find anything.:)

  2. I've been seeing pics online of the Atlanta & Dallas shows in the past week or so & I'm so jealous of you guys who get to go there & soak in all of that inspiration! So much talent & cool stuff there. Did you guys pick up anything really special for the store?

  3. Lisa, yeah, not real conducive for real life. LOL. But such a cool look. :)

    Kim, we did! We are going from a mostly French neutral look to a really cute, boho Hippie look. Its darling and fresh. Making me change my mind about my own home decor. I'm loving all the crocheted things and patchwork mixes. too fun.


  4. Such amazing eye candy! I miss going to market soooo much :( Thanks for sharing, I want to go restyle my entire house now!
    xo, Andrea

  5. A real job, huh? Playing with pretty products to make appealing displays? Yes indeed this is a talent. A front window that makes me stop in my tracks will definitely pull me into a store. One of my favorites in Seattle is Watson-Kennedy. You probably never get out this way, but you would like their style. That display with the suitcases, skulls and trophy antelope is yummy.

  6. Cindy you are truly talented at displays, along with art...and decorating!!! I always love my trips to the Dove's Nest just to see the displays!!! but of course I always go home with a shopping bag of treasures too!!!! I hope they know how much your displays inspire us and make us want to take a piece of it home with us!!!!


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