Friday, March 23, 2012


my version of the smash book

Long before there were "smash" books, I started a journal that was just a catch all for pages that had a more "scrapbook" feel.  Pages that usually ended up with a dimensional element or two.  More quirky
than my art/diary journal, a little bit of everything ends up in this book (above).  
Soul Journal page detail
This is one of my favorite pages in the whole book.  For a long time I wondered what my style was, and this page pretty much defines it.  Here, I used an old watch face. I loved the way that it added just a bit of texture, to the overall page. And brought the focus in on the image underneath.
Soul journal page details
This week, I've tried to carve out a little Studio time each morning.  For me, working on a journal page is not only a nice way to "warm up" for other projects, but allows me to continue to find and define my style.  Just like practicing a piano, working on a quick project every day, makes me a better artist.


  1. I love your journal! That's a great idea work on something every day.You are so right. You have to MAKE time to do the things you love.:)
    PS Happy Spring, Friend!

  2. Wow- you've got so many interesting layers of good stuff going on in that collage page- love it- and of course your signature penmanship is the icing on the cake (or page)

  3. love this journal Cindy, always doing something wonderful. I think taking a bit of time each day to focus on this is a perfect way to get those creative juices going.

    Kindredly Lynnie

  4. Striking!! Always ahead of your time :)

  5. LOL...Sis...ahomt...doubtful. LOL


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