Thursday, December 8, 2011

Pinterest is Evil

I posted this on the other blog yesterday, but thought I would stick em here, really quick, for those that don't read the other blog. :)
Just showing off a few pages from a book that I recently completed for my young friend Avery. I wanted to do something really cool to document her first time to the Circus. Something she could be really interactive with.
I created lots of smaller flip pages, cards to journal on, doodles, and even silly things, like a clown mask (for journaling) and a pop corn box (for mementos). I wanted it to be as much fun as her day at the Circus was.
And I hope that she feels that way as well.

PS...why is Pinterest evil? Because I have 5 million things I NEED to be doing, and yet, I sit here, clapping in delight, squealing, "pretty pictures", like I don't have a care in the world. Good grief, menopause has eaten my mind. Along with Pinterest.


  1. How funny, we all must be sick creatures! I keep saying Pinerest is way too addicting, I should stay away from it and here I am. But then again if I hadn't been looking I wouldn't have found your blog, lol!

  2. Pinterest is a time gobbler for me, too.....but it's hard to break away! I LOVE it!! Happy New Year!!

  3. Hi Patti! Yep, I hear ya. LOL. But it is sooo cool, does help to bring us all together even more. Love that! Thanks doll! And Karla, thank ya honey! :)


  4. OOOhhhhh, that circus book is so delicious. I haven't visited "the other" in a long time. Gotta get on a blog hop.


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