Monday, October 10, 2011

Fall has finally arrived in Texas. Finally. Much needed rains yesterday morning brought a crispness and coolness that was sorely being missed.. Temps in the 70's today found us out and about at Calloway's (a garden/nursery), dreaming of what "could be" in our own backyard. Down the road abit, at Central Market (my fave, fab grocery store), we loaded the funky little green shopping basket full with several of the new apple varieties, Swee Tango and Zester and Little Sweetie, just to name a few.  And apple ciders. Love apple ciders.  Hello Fall.  Its good to see you again my friend.


  1. Finally Fall! LOL! Glad to hear you're enjoying this beautiful weather, Friend.;)

  2. Oh I love love that Pumpkin sign!!! My pumpkin vines have a few blooms on them!!!! Can't wait to have even just one little bitty pumpkin spring forth in my back yard!!!

  3. These pinks and oranges are getting me right where I live. Love!


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