Tuesday, September 13, 2011

I should be thinking Fall. Leaves, darker colors and the such.
And yet, I seem to be stuck in Summer mode. The fact that it was 107 degrees here today is NOT helping.
Oh well. What's a gal to do? I stayed indoors and tried to catch up on imputing new goods to my Etsy.
Hard to believe that this month is really halfway over. As usual, its flown.
But the cooler mornings have been wonderful and here's hoping that this is the LAST extremely hot day that Texas will have to endure. Rain is supposedly on the horizon for Monday. I for one can't wait. -c


  1. I am curious to see what you do with those little tins. I have quite a few, and have considered making Christmas tree ornies out of them. It's going to cool off here today, and I hope you get some relief there, too!

  2. I got a sprinkle or two this morning which only served to tease me.:) I can't wait for Fall!

  3. Cute as pie bucket and shells!!!!
    has it rained yet???????????

  4. Oh my gosh!!!! I love, love, love that bucket/pail!!!!

    Love your new "home"!!!


    P.S. We are going to have highs in the 60's this weekend. YAY!! Finally!


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