Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Moving Forward

My little booth space at the Dove's Nest.  Noodle and Lou dolls add so much fun to my bright colored artwork
I love this piece that I created for a friend's nursery.
Tried to create some fun pieces to match the whimsy of Noodle and Lou's dolls.  
Quirky Santa's that I thought were odd, but everyone seemed to love.  Just shows me not to judge my own work too harshly.
One of my favorite canvases.  
Something that I actually painted just for me.  Loved this quote and loved these colors.
Learned to crochet this past year.  I am hooked, literally.
Fall colors in my little shop space.
Paper Mache' hearts
Another favorite piece, that I kept for myself
I've painted A LOT of toilet paper rolls this past year. 
One of my favorite projects this year, creating a nursery for my "grand niece".  
Mary Ann's class, Sketchbookery, got me over my fear of watercolors.
One of the first canvases. 
Stepping out of my comfort zone in 2015.
Twenty fourteen.  Oh, my.  How it flew!  

I think my little art journey had just started the Christmas before, that year.  I had an "itch to paint" canvases.  Lettering was my thing and brightly colored canvases were born.  

Somewhere along the line, I began to add more and more drawn bits.  Roses, hearts, bird's nest along with the lettering.  Taking one of Mary Ann Moss's classes helped tremendously.  (And, that class, got me over my fear of watercolor.  For 2015, I hope (at some point), to begin the 30-minute a day challenge for sketch booking.)  Bigger canvas pieces with more artwork seemed to be happening more and more.  

I begin to paint toilet paper rolls (I thought they made a cute biz card), paper mache' hearts, paper mache' numbers were another favorite.  My range of painting was growing.  By Fall, I was painting Halloween masks and Santa ornaments.  And my desire to learn more and to branch out more has grown.  

So, I've stepped out of my comfort zone and I signed up for MATS.  I'm hoping I continue to grow as an artist.  We will see where 2015 goes. 

Thursday, July 31, 2014

A good kick in the Creativity!

Still loving the sketchbookery class with Mary Ann Moss.  If you've never taken an on-line class, I highly recommend this one.  Basic art instructions, along with funny inspiration and encouragement!

My goal has been to work a sketch book page a day.  And so far, I've been keeping up pretty good.  Today I also did a card for a friend…

…with a coordinating envelope. :)

Added some new things to my Etsy shop.  Have some new things to take up to space at the Dove's Nest.  The response to the TP kitties has been so good.  The above, "Zombie Kitties" are gonna be fun for the Fall.

I love how a class can refresh your desire to create and give your creativity a good kick in the rear!  :)

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Sketchbookery Class Fun

page from Sketchbookery class

page from Sketchbookery class

page from Sketchbookery class

And it has gotten away from me. These past few months, since March, have just slipped by.  And here we are now, July is half way over.  

But, I do love the slower pace of Summer…although really, our lives here do not change that much, but things just seem slower.  And since it is summer and slower,  I decided to take an on-line class, that started in July.

I'm taking Mary Ann Moss's Sketchbookery class and i LOVE it.  I'm such a huge fan of her style and they way her sketch books look.  And her teaching is laid back, easy peasy.  I highly recommend her on-line classes.  Such great fun.  A great boost to one's creativity!

Above a just a few pages from my sketch book from her class.  I'm now on Instagram if you want to see more yapping cat studio stuff.  Hoping you are enjoying every bit of summer too.

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Keep doing what you love!

One of the many paybacks of creating custom work for people is that I get to meet some of the sweetest peeps.  And I'm always so honored that they like what I do.  

And then, that connection, with that person, who appreciates something that comes from not only my hands, but my heart, is just a real joy.

I was given the opportunity to create the paintings above for a lovely lady and her daughters.  What fun to create a full wall of work for these gals to enjoy!

And I love that creating a custom piece, will sometimes force me out of my own limitations.  Of everything that I created for her, the "whatever" and "beautiful" canvases were two of my personal favorites.  I took a chance on doing something different with these two canvases and I was really happy with the results.  

This was another custom piece that I was very happy with the way it turned out.  I wanted a beautiful sky and the customer wanted a rainbow of colors.  I was thrilled with the outcome, even though I'm not quite sure how I accomplished it.  

This is one of the first canvases that I painted.  Its fun to look back and see just how much my painting has evolved in just a little over a year.  

And the thing I'm learning is that even though its sometimes frustrating, keep working.  Keep painting.  Keep drawing.  Its like any thing in life, be it a sport, cooking, gardening…the more you do, the more you grow.  

Growing and changing is good.  

Monday, February 10, 2014

A good day to stay inside and paint

I seem to be gravitating towards blue lately. Well yesterday, anyways.

Been working on a little custom work.  I've really enjoyed doing more graphics and less writing.  

The need to create/paint has been really good lately.  I love it when my muse hangs around.  Today, she must be bundled up somewhere, trying to stay warm.  So all I seem to want to do today is to cook.  Huge breakfast taco's for breakfast, Ginger Molasses Cookies for our coffee break this afternoon.  

Trying to get my little space down at the Shop, all nice and full.

I think we are getting close.  :)

Been having fun with numbers.  Painting them to look vintage and grungy.  I think they would be so much fun on a gallery wall.  

I think these would be great little additions too.  Just the perfect little touch for a gallery wall.  

Friday, February 7, 2014

Waterlogue App

Well, I wish I could tell you that I painted the above.  But nope.  My phone did.  

Waterlogue is the coolest app I've found in awhile.  It takes your photographs and turns them into a wonderful watercolor.  Check it out here.

I ran one of my custom piece canvas pics through it.  I love it even more as a water color.    Wouldn't they make great notecards?  

Go check it out.  

Monday, February 3, 2014

Home Decor Wanna Be

Bookshelves in progress.  Adding more of my own art.  

As I mentioned the last day, I want to be more supportive of my artistic self, in an attempt to be my authentic self.  

I LOVE CUTE!!!!  No sophisticated rooms for me!  

One of the things that I have NEVER done, was to hang my own art in my own home.  Sure, Ive painted walls, canvases and things for other people.  But rarely do I keep anything for me.  And if I do, I keep it crammed in the Studio.  

Gallery wall layout ideas.  

Well no more.  

Home Decor.  I love so many styles.  And there in is the problem.  I love so many styles.  I envy people that can do one color scheme through out their entire home.  But that does not seem to be me.  AND Sweet Hub, always has to put his two cents in (this used to drive my Mom crazy).  


Love the bright happy colors!  BH&G New Cottage Style book 
BH&G, Refresh, special interest publication.  Love the way a simple pillow color change makes it all different.

But he has agreed that I should use more of my artwork in our decor and that if "cottage" is my thing (its certainly not his), then he can live with it.  Looking forward to warmer days to be able to paint furniture.  Estate sale finds are gonna be the norm.  And my own artwork.  Lots of it!  

PS Other bloggers whose home decor inspires me: